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Control Systems Integrator

Controls Programming

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RL Consulting Inc. is an expert electrical control design company, specializing in controls integration, PLC programming,  controls training, and CAD drafting. Located in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, RLC has almost two decades of control design experience, implementing industrial automation solutions with PLCs. We can develop new control systems or integrate pre-existing designs.

Project size by itself can often have it’s own complexity, especially as it is a system that must remain active. Many companies hesitate to improve the system as they feel they lack the specialization to “do it right.”

System Success from the Start

Not sure exactly what you need? We offer pre-project consulting to review your system architecture and the associated controls and code. From there, we can establish what integrations are possible within your systems.

At RLC, we believe that both the integrator and customer need to be involved from the beginning. Intentional communication about your control system will allow for a well-designed specification and documentation matched with achievable milestones and protocol.

Turnkey Automation Systems

RLC utilizes the highest level of standards to provide the software and computing hardware for automation systems. We focus on the controls engineering and project management of your integration while providing a single point of accountability. While we are not a manufacturer of your drives, we have extensive knowledge and experience on interfacing with and improving the physical drivers of your system.

We pride ourselves in best-in-class controls integration including user-friendly UI, robust SCADA, cleanly organized PLC panels, and systems training.

With a large list of partnerships, it’s very likely we have the expertise you are seeking. We have established relationships and training with Rockwell, GE, Insource Solutions, InduSoft, Omron, Seimens, SMC and many more. What ever control system you have, we have integration solutions.

Our Programming Core Skills

  • AB Controllogix Platform
  • AB SLC500
  • Modicon
  • Telemecanique
  • Automation Direct
  • Omron CJ/NJ/CJ2
  • GE RX3i
  • GE VersaMax
  • Siemens SIMATIC Platform
  • Proface PLC

On-site Integration and Commissioning

Once we have installed, changed, or implemented our integrations, the systems must have an I/O check before attempting a full run. From this point, all network connections need verification and performance can be evaluated.

Systems Training and Support

RLC believes the best integrator is one that also integrates the people component. Nothing is “fully automated” yet, and computers need our supervision. While we deliver innovative solutions, we recognize that intuitive is also important to an integration. Once you become a client and we accomplish the control system integration, you and your team can receive in-person training, documentation, and on-going technical support. Control systems integration is about providing a solution, not a new set of problems. RLC will empower your team with our implementations.

Industries We Serve

  • Pulp and Paper – Paper, Tissue, Board
  • Metal – Steel and Aluminum
  • Pressing – Tandem and Single Stage
  • Pharma – Tablets & Liquid Packaging
  • Other – Biofuel, Cat and Dog Food, Feed Mills, Cooking Oil Refining, Plastic Pipe etc.