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Control Systems Integrator

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RL Consulting Inc. is an expert electrical control design company, specializing in controls integration, electrical systems design, PLC programming, HMI development, Project Management, controls training, and AutoCAD Electrical drafting. Located in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, RLC has almost two decades of control design experience, implementing industrial automation solutions with Programmable Logic Controllers. We can design a control system from concept or integrate current running systems based on the request of our customers. 

Project size by itself can often have its own complexity, especially given that a system must remain in service during and up to the conversion. Many companies hesitate to improve the system as they feel they lack the specialization to “do it right.” RL Consulting Inc has the professionalism and expertise to handle the integration and put our customers at ease throughout the project.

Process Control System – Success from the Start

Not sure exactly what you need? We offer pre-project consulting to review your system architecture, control system functions, and the associated integrated components. From there, we can establish a proper Scope of Work and discuss the potential design changes available for your current system and engineer the best path forward.

At RLC, we believe that both the integrator and customer need to be involved from the beginning. Intentional communication about your control system will allow for a well-designed specification and documentation matched with achievable milestones and true desired system function.

Turnkey Automation Control Systems

RLC utilizes the highest level of standards to provide the best practice, industry proven software methods and most reliable hardware for automation systems. We focus on the controls engineering and project management of your integration while providing a single point of accountability. We are dedicated to continuous improvement for our teams to ensure we have the most current safety regulations considered during the design stage of your project. That along with best practices for control schemes can ensure your final result is compliant with your desires and meets the high expectations we hold ourselves accountable to with regard to the deliverables toward our customers.

Our team of Project Managers possess the skills required to fully evaluate the project at hand and are prepared to step in at any part of a project to assist bring the project to a close. RL Consulting Inc. continues to work hand in hand with our customers to ensure their best interests are at the forefront of the project. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible engineering and project management support for all your project needs.

We pride ourselves in best-in-class controls integration including state-of-the-art electrical systems, user-friendly HIM interfaces, robust SCADA systems, cleanly organized PLC panels, and systems training.

With a large list of partnerships, it’s very likely we have the expertise you are seeking. We have established relationships and training with Rockwell, GE, Insource Solutions, InduSoft, Omron, Seimens, SMC and many more. Whatever control system you have, we have integration solutions that can move your project from concept to completion.

Electrical Controls Design & CAD

RL Consulting Inc. specializes in Electrical Controls Design in the areas of Machine Safety, Automation Controls, and Data Reporting with an expectation of maximizing equipment efficiency and precision.

RL Consulting Inc. is dedicated to the concept that every accident is avoidable with the proper application and implementation of up-to-date safety systems. Each Engineer responsible for Electrical system design carries a TUV certification and has ‘real world’ experience with system design and an intimate comprehension of OSHA standards and guidelines.

RL Consulting Inc. has a strong tie to advancement of Automation controls throughout all the industries currently serviced. RL Consulting Inc. focuses on opportunities to remove risk and improve quality control by implementing the most state-of-the-art controls hardware with the industry best practices and proven programming methods.

We have established strong relationships with the industry leaders for Automation hardware and constantly keep the latest controls components in front of the Designers and their respective customers to ensure the best possible hardware options are utilized in all designs. We are committed to providing a system that surpasses the expectation of each customer by committing the necessary time to fully understand the system functions and electrical requirements for every design.

RL Consulting Inc. invests the pre-engineering time required to properly design a safe and reliable electrical control system of which our customers can rely. RL Consulting Inc. understands the importance of Data Collection and Historization of process level data. Our company has implemented multiple tier 3 level reporting systems as well as lower-level detailed reporting. This respect for the importance of Data Integrity and the advent of predictive analysis drives us toward a more robust and secure data collection system. RL Consulting Inc. maintains a clear mission to offer our customers a complete electrical solution by following NFPA-70E, ISO9001 and CE standards and practices. In July 2020 RL Consulting became ISO9001 certified and continues to maintain our Quality Management System where we constantly strive to provide our customers with the highest quality Electrical Controls system while constantly seeking out opportunity for improvement. RL Consulting inc is dedicated to the pursuit of the best hardware solutions to achieve our customers highest expectations.

Controls and PLC Programming

RL Consulting Inc. specializes in advanced Controls Programming, Drive Programming, System Integration and Safety Implementation.

RL Consulting Inc. carries a strong focus on providing a software solution to many of the modern challenges that affect manufacturing and processes throughout our serviceable industries. We take great pride in identifying our customers’ processes in order to deliver the best possible design and controls package to meet their needs. RL Consulting Inc. recognizes that the success of a Control System is measured by the performance and quality of the outputs for the system and specifically that our customers are completely satisfied with the end result.

We have many years of experience in a variety of manufacturing industries which we utilize to ensure our customer receives the best possible control system. Systems that consist of just a few IO points to large sequenced control systems require the precise focus and dedication our team can offer to produce the best possible functioning system.

RL Consulting Inc is a Silver Level Systems Integrator with Rockwell Automation. Recently, RL Consulting received recognition as a Small to Medium frame drives integrator. We have a passion for drive controls and integration into control systems. Industries such as Paper, Automotive, Food and Beverage, and Metal Foundries utilize our exhaustive experience and expertise to implement multiple improvement capital projects to improve control, reduce cost, or expand capabilities.

RL Consulting Inc. specializes in System Level upgrades. Our team of Engineers spend diligent effort meticulously scouring the available details of an existing Control System to fully understand the controls scheme as well as understand the system requirements to ensure a quick and efficient Control System conversion. Through this diligent effort, RL Consulting Inc. has developed strong relationships with our existing customers and maintains the trust and confidence of our customers to handle vast system upgrades. RL Consulting Inc. dedicates the proper Field Survey and Engineering Design time to ensure all aspects of the scope are fully documented and understood in order to minimize any issues that arise during a full system conversion. RL Consulting Inc treats each opportunity for a system upgrade as a chance to improve the process and increase the Safety of every machine. RL Consulting Inc. is a Recognized Safety Integrator with Rockwell Automation and boasts that all Engineers on staff carry at minimum the TUV Technician certification. Our specialty is represented by our constant push to better implement the most up to date and current safety components and proven programming practices.

Our dedication to the proper implementation of Safety PLC Controllers and PLe SIL 3 devices has driven us to become a leader our respective field. RL Consulting Inc. maintains the belief that every injury is avoidable by proper implementation of a Safety system without being at the cost of production.

Our Programming Core Skills

  • AB Controllogix Platform
  • AB SLC500
  • AB PLC-5
  • Modicon
  • Telemecanique
  • Automation Direct
  • Omron CJ/NJ/CJ2
  • GE RX3i
  • GE VersaMax
  • Siemens SIMATIC Platform
  • Proface PLC/HMI
  • Mitsubishi
  • Wonderware HMI
  • InduSoft

On-site Integration and Commissioning

RL Consulting Inc has proven to be a leader for onsite installation supervision of contractors as well as leading our own installation teams to complete the required work. Over and over again RL Consulting Inc has demonstrated a great ability manage the commissioning process. RL Consulting Inc is committed to validating every inter-connection from the field devices back to the control system using a point-to-point checkout system. Once all IO devices have been validated, a detailed testing period ensues which allows the fully functional system to complete multiple ‘Dry-run’ attempts to ensure full functionality prior to release for production running. As part of the commissioning processes, RL Consulting will work along side the customer to ensure all system functions are performing to the expectations of the customer. At the conclusion of the project, a customer evaluation is submitted to allow our customer to provide feedback which we will utilize to make the necessary adjustments to the process to better improve our overall effectiveness and efficiency for future projects.

Systems Training and Process Control Support

process control firm

RL Consulting Inc is dedicated to supporting our customers with their technical needs. On occasion, RL Consulting Inc Engineers are requested to assist our customers troubleshoot and/or replace damaged or inoperable equipment. Often, when a customer’s machine is down, direct replacement parts are not available on-hand.

RL Consulting Inc. has the skills and training to handle the On-site Engineering required to integrate a proper replacement to maintain the safety rating as well as the function of the original device. We are here to assist our customers with the struggles of managing this replacement. Our team of Engineers have extensive experience in design and specifying the proper components for the process requirements. Often a device may fail due to poor design, excessive increased load, external power fluctuations or hardware failure.

We are experts in Electrical troubleshooting and problem solving. It is our desire to evaluate a root cause for the equipment failure to ensure the replacement unit has the best performance and will prevent future downtime or equipment failures.

RL Consulting Inc strives to respond to our customers within a 4-hour window of the request for assistance. We pride ourselves on our response time and our ability to pool resources to ensure our customers and their equipment are up as soon as possible without sacrificing safety along the way. We are proud to offer system level support and assist in whatever the need may be.

Industries We Serve

  • Pulp and Paper – Paper, Tissue, Board
  • Metal – Steel and Aluminum
  • Pressing – Tandem and Single Stage
  • Pharma – Tablets & Liquid Packaging
  • Other – Biofuel, Cat and Dog Food, Feed Mills, Cooking Oil Refining, Plastic Pipe etc.

Allen Bradley System Integrator

allen bradley rockwell

We are trained and experienced in Allen-Bradley PLC2, PLC3, PLC5, SLC500, Control Logix family. For programming, we use AB Controllogix Platform and AB SLC500. We can program Allen Bradley Drives. As for HMI programming, we can do both AB Panelview and AB Panelview Plus

In communication, we have experience in AB Controllogix Ethernet/IP, AB ControlNet, AB DeviceNet and AB DH+.