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Rockwell Automation – Allen Bradley System Integrators

RLC Consulting is a Silver System Integrator of Rockwell Automation products and services. We are a third-party contractor for hire and offer paid support. We do not directly act as their tech support. Please contact us for a consultation.
Allen Bradley Integrator

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What Is Allen Bradley?

Allen Bradley by Rockwell Automation is a worldwide leader in automation and control products. With an estimated $4.2 billion in annual sales, Allen Bradley is a leading product of industrial automation, control and measurement products and services offered by Rockwell Automation. They have a global presence with over 70 manufacturing facilities and operate in three segments: Instrumentation, Control and Measurement, and Systems.

What Is An Allen Bradley Integrator?

An Allen Bradley Integrator is a certified company that specializes in installing Rockwell Automation systems or Allen Bradley products, such as RL Consulting Inc. The control system integrator is likely a third-party vendor that works with Rockwell Automation to help customers design, install, and service Allen Bradley control systems. 

Since Allen Bradley controls are often large and complex, a control system integrator will likely specialize in working with the control system to ensure it is installed, tested, and configured properly, among other things. That’s just a few examples of how an Allen Bradley Integrator can help you.

Certifications An Allen Bradley Integrator Needs

Because of the unique nature of Allen Bradley’s product, there are certain responsibilities that go along with being an Allen Bradley System Integrator.

Allen Bradley Integrators are required to have a valid Certificate of Registration issued by Rockwell Automation themselves. This certificate of registration is renewed annually. The certificate must be renewed every year in order to maintain a valid license. The renewal must be completed by a qualified Rockwell Automation sales representative. You can view all of our partnerships here and learn more about why RL Consulting Inc. should be your choice for Allen Bradley System Integrator. 

Training Of Allen Bradley System Integrators

Equally important is the ongoing education and training that Allen Bradley Integrators must complete. Integrators are required to complete at least six hours of Allen Bradley specific training annually, and occasionally additional training is also needed.

Allen Bradley Integrators are required to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, including the National Electrical Code (NEC), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, and any other applicable codes and standards.

If you have an Allen Bradley System that needs integrating, contact RL Consulting Inc. today!